ThisFunktional Junior: App Of The Week: MINECRAFT Mobile

Saturday, September 7, 2019

App Of The Week: MINECRAFT Mobile

Written by Jesus @ThisFunktional
APP Chosen by #DarkPokeWill

MINECRAFT is back on top

While I hope all the youth and teens are having fun back at school, or at least adjusting to and learning many new things, here's ThisFunktional Jr.'s choice on how to have fun and relax on your off time: MINECRAFT.

Minecraft has been around since May 17, 2009 and is a creative-adventure free roam game where players get to build with blocks on many different terrains. It is kid-friendly, but parents should be aware that their children can come into contact with people of all ages on popular servers.

Each player has the ability to create their own individual world on PC/Mac and mobile devices/gaming consoles. Although PC/Mac and mobile devices/gaming counsels cannot play together, PC/Mac users can play together online and mobile and game consoles can play together as well.

Mobile and Game console are more limited than PC and Mac users, mostly through game servers that can be played and mods which can be added to worlds.

Minecraft, when Jesus (35) first began to play it, was a simple game that made it easy for players to create and adventure. It caught the gaming world off-guard as games were pushing the boundaries of how realistic games can look and mine craft concentrated more on usability and creativity.

Game play has moved forward from free roam to game servers where players can compete in different games.

It is amazing the structures people have built on Minecraft servers as the resources they use are available to "mine" or collect all around them. Which makes building an adventure to find more and more material.

For those who want an easy, fun way of building Creative Mode allows them to have unlimited resources from the start. For those who want more of an adventure, Survival Mode puts Creepers, Spiders and other creatures which can attack and destroy creations into the Minecraft world making it more difficult to play, but also more exciting.

Now, Minecraft will be coming into the real world with MINECRAFT EARTH which is now in Beta Testing.

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This is dedicated to all things kids. Although overlooked by Jesus @ThisFunktional of, this is contributed to by his nephews #DarkPokeWill and #DarkPokeNoah, as well as hopefully getting other parents and youth to contribute. This will be for kids and mostly by kids.

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