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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Amazing Disney Diva Doing Dance

Is it Elsa from #Frozen2? Can you guess?

A new pop dance song is being released featuring a former #Disney diva.

Is it Elsa from #Frozen2? Who can forget #IdinaMenzel's "Let it go?" Or maybe it is Mighty Thor, or perhaps Snow White, Jasmine or is it Ariella?

No it's Sonna Rele, who from singing a hit song on Disney's multi-platinum "Cinderella" soundtrack, to now being featured on an inspiring dance music track, in the mold of Zedd, this artist is nothing short of amazing.

Sonna Rele, who can be heard singing, "Strong," on Cinderella's soundtrack, with more than tens of millions of views on social media, is now featured on UNK^6 debut, "I'm Stronger With You," (Modern Touch Music/ The Orchard,/SONY). 

She is backed on this inspiring song by eight-time Grammy award winner, Joel Kibble (Take 6).

"I'm Stronger With You," is co-written and co-produced by certified platinum producer, Mantra (Will Smith, Rihanna, Future, Pitbull,etc) and Tony Reynolds.
"Her vocals were exactly what make this song believable and soar," Reynolds said. "She put so much feeling into the words. It's incredibly inspiring. She sounds like a mighty thor." 
Hear the song on The Orchard/SONY promotion page coming Valentine's Day 2020

This is dedicated to all things kids. Although overlooked by Jesus @ThisFunktional of, this is contributed to by his nephews #DarkPokeWill and #DarkPokeNoah, as well as hopefully getting other parents and youth to contribute. This will be for kids and mostly by kids.

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