ThisFunktional Junior: Watch Smooth Jazz Chaz and "Just Sing" music video for TROLLS WORLD TOUR

Friday, March 20, 2020

Watch Smooth Jazz Chaz and "Just Sing" music video for TROLLS WORLD TOUR

Looking for a sax-y way to pass the day?
Sit back and let Smooth Jazz Chaz serenade you for the next 10 HOURS!!! #TrollsWorldTour

For those of you working from home, kids home from school, or just trying to keep stress levels low, heres Smooth Jazz Chaz’ serenade that people can follow now on YouTube and Twitter.

Also, here’s the “Just Sing music video that can be fun for families to watch and sing along with.

Watch Smooth Jazz Chaz in
In Theaters, At Home On Demand April 10

This is dedicated to all things kids. Although overlooked by Jesus @ThisFunktional of, this is contributed to by his nephews #DarkPokeWill and #DarkPokeNoah, as well as hopefully getting other parents and youth to contribute. This will be for kids and mostly by kids.


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