ThisFunktional Junior: Voice actor Hector Trejo dubs SPIES IN DISGUISE’s Agent Quane

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Voice actor Hector Trejo dubs SPIES IN DISGUISE’s Agent Quane

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The cultural barrier may affect how comedy translates, but voice actor Hector Trejo helped “SPIES IN DISGUISE’s” Agent Quane be relatable for the Spanish-speaking audience.

Trejo said that he had collaborated on several premieres with “Spies in Disguise” he was asked to be a part of the dub cast. He was able to dub the voice of Agent Quane, who had always wanted to be a spy, which Trejo said he could relate with and in so he accomplished a dream of his.

Becoming an actual spy may be a very difficult or almost impossible cast, but through acting, an actor gets the opportunity to step into that role for a bit.

Trejo worked along side a fellow content creator Andres Navy to dub the voices of best friends, agent Bruno and Agent Quane.

Trejo said that Agent Quane is very similar to his personality, as Agent Bruno is for Nave, so it felt very natural to voice the characters.

Dubbing an already established character can be a challenge, but Trejo was thrilled to be a part of “Spies in Disguise.”
Although, Trejo was tasked with dubbing the voice of “Spies in Disguise” co-director Troy Quane who is one of the masterminds behind the movie.

Trejo said that the character is extremely excited, it’s not a normal dialogue. The character is at the peak of excitement. Being able to let go and reach that level of excitement could be difficult. But, dub director Ricardo Tejedo helped get him relaxed and achieve the performance that was desired.

To be able to establish the right mood for the character Trejo had to become a fan boy.

Trejo worked with the dub director and made the comedy resonate.

Comedy doesn’t always translate well to a different language.

The cultural and pop culture differences between countries can be a barrier to fully capture the audience.

Trejo said that they intended for the dialogue to be natural. While Navy and I had a part that’s a recurring gag, it was a task to make sure that the gag was understood, and he felt they did it by adjusting the dialogue with the dub director and it was fun for him to develop the comedy.

Running into Will Smith, who bounces Agent Lance Sterling in “Spies in Disguise,” would make anyone excited, and Trejo said he’s no exception. He said if he found himself face to face with Will Smith he would find himself extremely excited and he would react exactly like Agent Quane does.

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