ThisFunktional Junior: Carson Rowland releases DISAPPEAR featuring Taylor Castro

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Carson Rowland releases DISAPPEAR featuring Taylor Castro

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of

Actor, singer Carlson Rowland releases “Disappear” featuring Taylor Castro, out now via PMA Records.

The soft sounding, relaxing summer time tune starts with slow ambient beach sounds and leads into a catchy chorus which is up-lifting.

“Disappear” is a good song for the end of summer with a wonderful collaboration from Castro who mixes well with the soothing sound.

This song was a wonderful follow up to Rowland’s first single “Game,” released earlier this year.
"With music, I have the ability to express who I am. My EP is going to be called ‘You Know Who You Are’ because it's written by me, and is about me and my interactions with people in my life. Songwriting gives me a way to express myself and my feelings that I can't find in acting," Rowland said.*
*information from press release

This is dedicated to all things kids. Although overlooked by Jesus @ThisFunktional of, this is contributed to by his nephews #DarkPokeWill and #DarkPokeNoah, as well as hopefully getting other parents and youth to contribute. This will be for kids and mostly by kids.

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